How to block Incognito Tabs

Ever wondered how to disable Incognito Mode or Tabs on your Android device?

Introducing.. Incognito Away - your incognito tab blocker

Incognito Away instantly blocks and disable Incognito tabs on your Android device.
It works with web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (and another 8 other browsers).

Once set up, ALL Incognito tabs will be blocked as soon as they are opened – it’s instant.

Incognito Away also records web browsing history (for any activity one does in non-incognito mode), can be hidden so that nobody knows it is installed, and also has uninstall prevention features. Everything is built right into the one app - Incognito Away.

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Disable Incognito Mode with Incognito Away

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Incognito Tab/Mode Blocking ✓
Incognito Away blocks and disables Incognito tabs on your Android device. It's instant.

Activity Logging ✓
Track and log a user’s web activity such as downloads, videos, audio and music played in their web browser.
If someone later clears their browsing history, Incognito Away will still have a copy for you to see!

Uninstall Protection ✓
Worried someone might find this app and just uninstall it?
Worry not. Incognito has an Uninstall and Anti Tamper Guard built in.

This prevents users from trying to uninstall Incognito Away or tamper with the device settings it depends upon.

If you ever need to actually uninstall Incognito Away, just enter in your password, and you’re away.

Scheduled Monitoring ✓
Choose to have Incognito Tabs blocked within a specified time frame – for example, from 9PM at night to 8AM in the morning.

You can also enable scheduled activity logging too.

Warning Message Prompts ✓
Configure the app to display a pop up alert when someone tries to open an Incognito Tab. This is a great way to give someone a reminder.

Safe, Secure, Efficient. ✓
This is an offline app – meaning, that this app never ever talks to the internet, and there’s no ads.
This is great because unlike other apps, it means that you can rest assured that information such as web activity only ever stays on your device.

You can confirm that this is an offline app by checking Incognito Away’s data usage in your device settings.
Additionally, this app is tiny, has a minimal footprint and does not hog system resources at all. The Blocking Service and Uninstall Guard service are smart enough to spawn only when necessary – saving your battery life.

Incognito Away supports the following Android browsers:
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