About Smaj Enterprise

Smaj Enterprise was founded in December of 2015 by an at the time 3rd year Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering university student. Since that time, the founder has graduated, and is now working full time in the professional services sector. The founder (Sam), likes to work on developing different apps as a hobby in his spare time.

Vision 2025

To empower a digital future.

The digital age has many benefits, however unfortunately not all are realised, or ever used to the full potential. Smaj Enterprise wants to make a difference in the world, and help with the uptake of digital solutions. However, it's not just about using digital solutions, its about building and creating digital solutions that can be used in the most beneficial way.

Workforce Tracker is an example of how Smaj Enterprise is fulling it's vision. Workforce Tracker has been very successful in helping small businesses which currently do their payroll management on paper or in excel by moving them to a more fully fledged digital solution that is catered to their needs.



We believe the purpose of life is not just to work for yourselves, but to work for others as well. We believe that happiness is also earned by making others happy.

In order to give back to the community, the founder endeavours to use the savings from his full time job, and earnings from Smaj Enterprise to help fund the building of a school in South East Asia by 2025.


Smaj Enterprise always has the moral principles to do the right thing, and act ethically.
All of Smaj Enterprise's policies, such as Privacy Policies and Terms of Use documents are designed and intended to be simple to understand and transparent to all types of readers. Additionally, Smaj Enterprise always acts in an ethical behaviour, putting the protection of customer and client privacy at the forefront.

The founder of Smaj Enterprise themselves has always been very conscious of privacy.
This is one of the reason why apps such as a Workforce Tracker (an application built around payroll management) works on an opt-in basis for personal data - if you choose not to provide a piece of information, the app still works as intended.


Smaj Enterprise has a commitment to all it's clients and customers to ensure that the we act with empathy and compassion at all times to help us understand our customer's and clients' needs - so that we can deliver products which are of high standards.

Additionally, customers and clients using apps such as Workforce Tracker (an application built around payroll management) rely on us to protect and safeguard their data. Smaj Enterprise always uses rigorously tested industry best practices in all of it's applications.


We are all equal - irrespective of gender, religion, age, disability, preferences - and deserve to be treated as such.

Smaj Enterprise endeavours to make its apps even more accessible to users with disabilities of all types. One such example is the effort that Smaj Enterprise takes to ensure that it's products are accessible by those with visual impairments.