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V1.05 - Publicly available 07 November 2017

You asked - here it is. Incognito Away now works with more web browsers - introducing support for Microsoft Edge (Beta), Brave Browser, Ecosia, Start Internet Explorer, Iron Browser, Yu Browser, with additional support for even more browsers coming soon.

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V1.03 - Publicly available on 13 September 2017

This release namely introduced the new Uninstall Guard and Activity Logging Modules.
If enabled, to uninstall Incognito Away you now need to enter in a password. Activity Logging also introduces the ability to log and track videos watched, music played and downloads performed within Chrome. If a user clears their browsing history within Chrome, Incognito Away will still have the record kept within the app.

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V1.02 - Publicly available on 7 July 2017

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V1.01 - Publicly available on 21 June 2017

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Initial release of Incognito Away.