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Either visit www.smajenterprise.com/apps/incognitoaway/launch from your Android device, or you can dial *#*#20017#*#* from your Phone dialler app.

Please Note: dialling method may not work on all Samsung devices – in such a case you can use the website option instead.

Please visit the password recovery portal via this link.

If this does not resolve your issue, please get in contact via smajenterprise@gmail.com.

If your device is set to battery save/optimize Incognito Away's battery usage, your device may randomly DISABLE Accessibility Service Access for Incognito Away.

This Android system bug is out of the control of Incognito Away, and it will STOP Uninstall Guard from working until you manually enable Accessibility Service Access again.

Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and rooted devices are most probably affected by this issue - however, please test your own device too.
You can test if you are affected by this bug by enabling Uninstall Guard, and checking back after a few hours (to a day) if Uninstall Guard is still working correctly.

If you are affected by the bug, or if you just want to play it safe, it is recommended that you DISABLE Battery Optimization for Incognito Away in your Device Settings, as well as in ALL third party apps.
Depending, on your device manufacturer and Android version, you may have to change the setting in multiple pages.

It's more than likely that your device settings are set so that Chrome cannot give out Notifications.
You just need to enable Chrome Notifications and it should start working fine.

Follow these steps:

Firstly, when you open an incognito tab, check if you see this notification; 'Close all incognito tabs' (like in this picture below)?

If you don't get this notification, here's how to fix this:

- Go to your device settings
- Application manager
- Look for Chrome

You should get something similar to this:


- Click on Notifications
- Then make sure that 'Allow Notifications' is set to enabled, similar to this picture below:


Once you've tried those steps above, Incognito Tabs should now be blocked.

Having troubles with something else? Please get in contact directly via smajenterprise@gmail.com, or send a message:

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