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Fuel Tracker is an application that can be used to track your expenditure and fuel economy as you enter in fill-up logs. Upon filling your vehicle up, simply create a new log, enter in a few basic details, and let Fuel Tracker handle all your data by calculating, recording and analysing it. Simple!

It also has a built in log converter, and calculator – so you can convert, and calculate a wide range of values and statistics, with or without a created vehicle.
With backup and restore features built in, rest assured that your logs and data are always safe.

Fuel Tracker is all about getting you in and out as quickly as possible. Hence, designed for one hand use, swift navigation at petrol pumps is made entirely possible – spend less time trying to fill out a travel log.

View your logs and track progress through the easy to view summary pages and graphs - designed to be content rich and comprehensive so that you can have a quick glance at Fuel Tracker's pages, and be done!
Manage multiple vehicles, convert key readings and indicators into different formats, and calculate various statistics - so compare and track progress!


✓ Tracks fuel economy, expenditure rates, fill-up rate of petrol, distances year to date, averages and much more
✓ Allows you to convert log values into different units
✓ Use Fuel Calculator to compute various useful indicators and values
✓ Track progress using graphs or streamlined log summary pages
✓ Works with both imperial (miles, gallons) and metric (kilometers, liters) units
✓ Auto adjusts units and date with your device locale and region settings
✓ Backup and restore your vehicles and logs
✓ Manage multiple vehicles
✓ Unlimited log entries
✓ Designed for one hand use, allowing for swift navigation and log entries, particularly at petrol pumps
✓ Simple and easy to use user interface – no unnecessary clutter or junk
✓ Supports SD Card installation
✓ No PRO or LITE versions. Simply one version for all!

Downloading the app

Fuel Tracker is available on the Google Play Store, here.

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