Smaj Enterprise in-line with it's vision of empowering the digital future has built many applications which are in wide use today. Our core service offering includes the cloud based Workforce Tracker, and android apps; Incognito Away, and Fuel Tracker.

Workforce Tracker - BETA

Workforce Tracker is a web application that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for workforce management. Workforce Tracker was initially built at the request of a client, and was later expanded to cater to a broader user base.

Workforce Tracker caters towards employee payroll management, allowing businesses to transform their current processes to a more simplified and streamlined one. It's payroll management, simplified.

Payslips, summaries, leave allowances, superannuation, tax, HECS deductions and much more - its all handled and tracked by Workforce Tracker - so that companies can get back to doing what really counts.

Incognito Away

Incognito Away is an Android application that blocks Google Chrome's Incognito Mode.

The app is greatly desired by parents whom are wanting to protect their children from accessing content that is not being monitored. Additionally, many adult users choose to use the application in order to reduce the tempations of browsing certain content types.

Incognito Away also features scheduled monitoring, allowing you to have incognito tabs blocked only within a certain timeframe.

The app can also be set up to monitor video content played as well as the files downloaded when a user is browsing the web in regular non-incognito mode. This gives complete peace of mind to parents - knowing that a child's browsing history is still recorded irrespective of if their child clears the web history.

Fuel Tracker

Fuel Tracker is an application that can be used to track your expenditure and fuel economy as you enter in fill-up logs. Upon filling your vehicle up, simply create a new log, enter in a few basic details, and let Fuel Tracker handle all your data by calculating, recording and analysing it. Simple!

It also has a built in log converter, and calculator – so you can convert, and calculate a wide range of values and statistics, with or without a created vehicle.
With backup and restore features built in, rest assured that your logs and data are always safe.

Fuel Tracker is all about getting you in and out as quickly as possible. Hence, designed for one hand use, swift navigation at petrol pumps is made entirely possible – spend less time trying to fill out a travel log.

Fuel Tracker was featured in the Top 10 New Transporation Apps of Google Play Australia.